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Category: A - ANIMALS

Location: I (In library)

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Age range: 3 years +

Number of pieces: 9

Number of unique pieces: 1




Description: 8 Coloured tuned percussion tubes (each with label). 1 instruction sheet. Have fun and learn about music with these 8 polyethylene percussion Boomwhackers tubes perfectly tuned to the C Major scale. Musical fun can begin by simply tapping each on the floor, thigh, hand, table, chair, or the tubes together. The 8 differently colored tubes are labeled with their specific note and measure between 30.5cm(L) up to 63cm(L) and x 1.25cm diameter. Perfect for keeping the children in time or coming up with different rhythms and combinations.

Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: Raeco bag and label must be returned to avoid a replacement fee. KEEP BAG OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.