F2.140.2: Bus Stop Adding and Subtraction

Key data

Category: A - ANIMALS

Location: O (On loan)

Shelf Location:

Age range: 4 years +

Number of pieces: 16

Number of unique pieces: 5


1 instruction sheet

5 Road pieces

4 Bus's with stands

4 board bus's

2 dices


Description: Race to the bus station, picking up and dropping off passengers as you go! Throw the dice to move your bus around the board, either landing on a plus or minus square. Players toss the dice to determine the number of passengers to count on or off their bus. The winner is the player with the most passengers when their bus finally arrives at the bus station! Children will develop their adding and subtracting skills and have fun talking about the interesting characters and places the bus stops along the way!

Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: STORED IN ORIGINAL BOX.